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Be Your Own Valentine

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Welcome to a holiday that we are expected to show how much we love another person by purchasing flowers, candy, or jewelry. As we become an enlightened society may these expectations fall away from our consciousness. Instead let’s learn how to love our self-first so we may be love to others.

For one to awaken they must learn that many things they once believed to be true are false. Imagine people being fooled into thinking they have to prove their love for someone by spending money on a certain day. Look over these statistics from Business 2 Community

and learn how you are being manipulated:

Facts from 2014

•$52.2 million – Flowers

•$50 million – Jewelry

•$38.3 million – Apparel

•$18.6 million – specialty gifts

•$7.2 million – Movies

•$7.1 million – Restaurants

•$1.2 million – Salons and Spas

Imagine learning to be happy and loving yourself so that you may shine and be love for others, including your partner. Then when Valentine’s Day appears you can consider it to be just another day, instead of believing all these expectations that you or your partner must live up to.

Listening to people this past week leading up to Valentine’s Day creates more sadness and stress in our lives. As a society can we just take a few minutes out of our day to appreciate those around us without having to add another thing onto our to do list?

If you feel you must “do” something on Valentine’s Day try taking a walk, holding space (truly listening) to someone, cooking a meal with someone, meditating together, sharing in a conscious conversation, gifting your partner or a friend a massage. Learn how to really give from your soul without buying into the expectation of spending money.

You might be saying that you despise Valentine’s Day anyway since you do not have a partner. If this is where you are at during this time you still might be having expectations or telling yourself a story that no one loves you enough to be your Valentine. Many people might share their Valentine’s Day with toxic substances like alcohol, drugs, or some other addictions.

This is a great time to start a new ritual. Here are 6 new ways to learn how to love yourself.

  1. Take yourself out for a nice meal and truly enjoy yourself. Notice the freedom of not having to share in conversation or listen to someone else. When your meal arrives take time to savor the smell, the appreciation for the appearance, the love that went into creating this meal for you. Enjoy the feeling of not having to be anywhere else except where you are right now nourishing your body with this amazing meal.

  1. Create sacred space in your home. One way to do this is by removing all clutter from your life. Coming home to a house that is clean and free of clutter will create a stress free environment and give you more time to sit in sacred space. Once you have created a spot in your home where you feel the power of the Divine in that area you can pray, become still, practice yoga, or meditate.

  1. Be device free once in a while and dive into an activity that excites you. Learn to find your purpose for this year of your life. You can pray or set an intention that sounds something like: “how may I be of service today?” Being of service to others not only helps you thrive on your path, it also helps to assist another on their path.

  1. Exercise and meditate on a daily basis. Be around like minded people. Try Yoga, Acro Yoga, Bikram, or even Pilates to bring a new outlook to the word “exercise”. Join a drum circle, attend a gong bath or sound healing. Nourish your body once a month with energy work or massage.

  1. Learn Tantra and look at sexuality in a new light. Be open to new ways of bringing pleasure to the body so you can share with a partner or teach a new partner. See things all around you as sensual and learn to live turned on.

  1. Give your body the rest it needs. Take naps and love yourself awake.

Presents are nice; however they do not bring happiness to one’s soul. As a materialistic society we tell ourselves that gifts serve that purpose. However, how many people do you know that have expensive items or too much stuff and are truly happy in mind – body – spirit?

Develop a spiritual practice and learn how to love yourself that way you can live in love always.

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