Calm Woman



Imagine Living in a more conscious state of mind

Our Mission Statement:

Living a Certain Way on Purpose

This program is designed to help you become part of a conscious community, while helping you create the best version of yourself. We have teachers from all over the world teaching for us. Each month a theme is chosen and we ask teachers to use their skills, education and experience to create classes around that theme. A few of our past themes have been:

  • Calming the Nervous System

  • Divine Feminine Energy

  • Throat Chakra and Speaking Your Truth

The majority of our classes are taught through zoom, while a few of the classes may be hosted on our Facebook page.

We are delighted that you have chosen an easier way to let life flow with grace and ease.

Topics for 2021

January - Plant Based Living

February - Conscious Partnerships

March - Toxic Products

April - The Art of Play

May - Building Community

June - What are Tinctures and How are They Used?

July - Ayurveda Medicine

August -What is my purpose?

September - Mindful Parenting

October - Stillness, Yoga, and Meditation

November - Healing Childhood Trauma

December - Conscious Consumerism 

Lets Begin.