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Namaste friends.

Mission Statement: Living a certain way on purpose.

We are a group of individuals creating a platform to encourage humans to be in connection with their best selves. We do this by creating a mindful community, through retreats, classes, private sessions, meditation, energy work, sound healing, yoga and plant based living.

Leigh Hurst is the envisionary and owner of ​Purposeful Living Healing Center​.​

She created this business back in 2012.​ She holds degrees in Psychology and Social Work, as well as Gerontology. Leigh has specialties in ​death & dying, ​sacred sexuality, healing, energy work, mindfulness and meditation. She helps clients move past their traumas and into living in the present moment. In her sessions, she creates new ideas that are simple and easy to create in clients daily living routines. She also provides table work with sacred sound instruments, breath work and energy healing.


​Leigh's main gift is to connect people to their purpose, while guiding them to become the best version of themselves. She has helped many people move out of toxic relationships, grief, lack of purpose and also motivated some to becoming their own entrepreneur! ​The possibilities are endless!


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