Namaste friends.

We are a group of individuals creating a mindful community, through retreats, classes, private sessions, meditation, energy work, sound healing, and veganism.

Leigh Hurst is the envisionary and owner of our company. She holds degrees in Psychology and Social Work, as well as Gerontology. Leigh has specialties in sacred sexuality, healing, energy work, mindfulness and meditation.

Our team consist of a manager, an assistant, and a yoga instructor. At the moment we have one volunteer and are always accepting new volunteers to join us. Some of the things on our wish list:


Cleaning the building once a month

Posts for our empowering womens group

Helping at events

Our intention is to offer Purposeful Living in other cities in the United States. What that looks like is connecting people to their purpose or superpower as we like to call it. Then a mindful community is created and shared in cities all across the usa. 

During 2020 we are building our presence online through a subscription base plan. We will offer classes on yoga, astrology, veganism, meditation, and international guest speakers!