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Ancestral Healing

You are neither a victim nor a victimizer –Your pain began with someone beyond you.

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you feel anxiety, an irrational fear, and stress for no explainable reason? It might be your fear of water which you haven’t been able to get over, although there hasn’t been any painful experience in your life to rationalize your stumbling aqua phobia. All those symptoms of pain and fear without any direct experience might be coming from someone else’s past experience in your bloodline. Our present-day problems might be coming from the trauma suffered by our ancestors.

Often our present-day problems are not caused by direct personal experiences but are inherited through the unresolved issues of our ancestors. When there are unresolved traumas in the family history, through a painful event such as betrayal, the early death of a parent, murder, natural calamities, suicide, war, and so on, the pain associated with the trauma continues to pass down to further generations. This connection between present and past becomes a pattern of systemic entanglements. To break the unending cycle of suffering through generations, spiritual intervention becomes extremely important.

Every individual is connected and bonded to all members of one’s family. Hence, the pain and suffering of all family members on the living and nonliving planes become interconnected. Even if one strives to function from the best possible level of awareness, one continues to be bound by the unresolved cycles of suffering from other family members.

Through ancestral work, an individual sets forth to pacify and heal the sufferings of our ancestors so that they feel at peace; and the painful energy cycles stop passing down to future generations.

Sustained ancestral healing helps heal the intergenerational patterns within a family dysfunction. The Therapist /Healer will aid in realigning your energies with the ancestors, to disrupt the painful patterns of pain coursing through the bloodline from generation to generation. Healing the ancestors will transform the unhealthy dynamics running through your family lineage while also setting the tone for a conscious, happy, and healthy way of being able to relate to each other.

Benefits of Ancestral Healing

• Rebuilding relationships with ancestors through consciousness & pure intention.

• Awareness of patterns and tendencies in family history to make better-informed choices.

• Forgiveness exercise wise ancestors for their healing to break the cycle of trauma being passed down to further generations.

• Awareness of your ancestry will intensify inner-connection and foster greater clarity about the purpose of life, thereby enhancing your sense of self.

There are different approaches to perform ancestral healing. Spanning from gaining awareness about your family tree and lineage, to involving healers in helping you get in touch with your ancestors on the non-earthly plane.

It is astonishing to realize we are not always able to make sense of our reactions and behavioral patterns in life. Many of these incomprehensible behavior patterns spring from the trauma legacy which we have inherited from our ancestors.

Through a deeper analysis, we come to understand how certain behavior patterns have been ingrained in us, how the suffering of ancestors reflects in us, and how it is possible for these deep-rooted wounds to be healed, so the cycle stops passing from generation to generation. The dots will start to connect once you start paying attention to the trauma of your ancestors and what they have gone through. You will come to experience a connection between you and your ancestors.

Once you have gathered the information about your family lineage, the ancestral trauma, and the connections and reasons for your suffering, the next step will be to set out on a journey of healing your ancestors, so you break the chain of passing pain onto future generations.

Women feel the harshest brunt of ancestral wounds as the trauma gets stored in their wombs and the pain keeps passing from generation to generation. Ancestral healing is of utmost importance for women, so that they not only break free from the inter-generational pattern of trauma and suffering in their families but also stop the repetition of the pattern and heal themselves fully before giving birth to the next generation.

Pay attention to the inherited trauma cycles in your family history and prepare yourself for a deep healing journey that will burst the destructive patterns running through the bloodline of your family unit.

The journey might be deep and painful as you will be walking through the traumatic events in your family history. This step will be extremely important for the light to seep through the cracks.

Ancestral healing will help you to heal the wounds of your mother, grandparents, and generations far beyond and stop the trauma from furthering down to the next generation.

How does the process work?

Start by mapping out your family tree including everyone, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, until your great grandparents and even beyond if you have the information available.

Next, explore the life history of each family member and any trauma and suffering they endured. Examples may be abuse, addiction, abortion, accident, critical illness, atrocities inflicted through others, loss of a family member at a young age, murder, theft, war and so on. Write down any pain which may have torn them apart.

Then, reflect deeply on your life journey so far. Try to understand any connections with your family history. Do you see a pattern continuing through the generations? Do you experience any linkage with someone in the past and aren’t sure of the reason?

You will get profound clues from this exercise.

When you’re mapping out your family tree, keep an eye out for any resemblance between your painful experiences with that ancestral family member. You might get answers regarding your unresolved phobias. Perhaps you are scared of heights without any painful experience associated with it. You may come to discover someone in your family suffered in an accident from height.

Ancestral details will provide solace by giving you answers for the unfathomable symptoms which you experience knowing they are rooted far beyond you.

Intergenerational trauma is when we experience symptoms of trauma, pain/fear, which someone else in our family history suffered. It can manifest in the form of insecurities, phobias, and unexplained fears. It will require deep digging to explain these behaviors.

There is a scientific explanation of intergenerational trauma and its impact on your present life and also how these patterns can be stopped through certain healing tools and techniques.

After digging deep through the details of the lives of your ancestors, set out on an immersive healing journey with a healer, therapist or other medium to help clear off all the inherited trauma from your energy field. The healing journey will help you immensely, by unburdening the baggage of irrational fear and insecurities.

Gradually,it will start unraveling that these fears are not yours and are coming from somewhere else. Hence, you will have better awareness and control over your responses by sending clear messages to your subconscious mind. The therapist /healer will guide you to reprogram your subconscious mind through tools & techniques like Yoga, Meditation, Reflective Journaling, Intention, Sound Therapy, and Visualization and so on.

Working with a healer will help you break free from the trap of family patterns. However, any healing requires consistency, discipline, and courage for the confrontation. Through healing, you will clear the old energies and pave way for new, happy, and aligned living.

Ancestral Healing through a Spiritual Healer guides you to nurture positive and conscious relationships with the spirits of the ancestors. You will come to realize how your ancestors may serve as your guardian angels and guides. This revelation will help you in deepening your relationship with the ancestors who have been sending you love and light whom you never actually met on the earthly plane.

Healing the sufferings of your ancestors will create positive energy in your life. When you nurture the beautiful relationships with your ancestors, you will feel guided and protected by invisible hands.

If you are ready for the healing journey to set yourself and your ancestors free, get in touch with a therapist or a spiritual healer. You will experience greater clarity about life purpose, improved health & happiness, and a strong support system through the immersive ancestral healing journey.

Please get in touch with Leigh @ Purposeful Healing Center for Women for further guidance on your ancestral healing journey. She might help you with some powerful recommendations.

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