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The Little Things Make the Biggest Moments

Well guys, this is it! Tonight is our last night in Reno! I can’t believe it’s already here. The day we make our move has finally come and it still doesn’t feel real.

There’s so much to do when you’re moving. They say the top 3 most stressful times in our lives are when we get married, when someone dies and when we move.

These last few days certainly held up to that. It seems like we have dealt with one curve ball after another but you know what: we still managed to get everything done!

Maybe I’m tooting my own horn here a little bit, but I’m proud of my wife and I. To think that we made the decision to move to another country just 3 short months ago is wild.

In the last 90 days my wife and I have quit our corporate jobs, rented out our house in Reno, found an apartment in Canada, took all our perquisite tests to secure our work visas aaaaannd my wife already got a job as a personal trainer in Vancouver!

That’s called doin’ work!

The last 90 days have been hard but damn they have been rewarding! All that’s left to do now is make the 14 hour drive with our trailer and car and our new life in Canada begins!

I literally can’t wait to get started up there but at the same time it’s scary to think we’re leaving all these awesome people and memories in Reno behind. I’m stoked but anxious at the same time and my body is full of energy and yet worn out simultaneously.

If there’s one thing my wife and I have learned during these last few hectic days it's this - the little things are the things that make us most happy.

After spending three back to back days packing, cleaning, moving and sweating our butts off the only thing that mattered at the end of the day was spending a little bit of quality time with my wife and kicking up our feet.

The dismantling of our materialistic life was super cathartic and it left us with a sense of peace knowing we were no longer tied down by all these “things.” After we sold, gave away or recycled all of our stuff and our house was empty, we felt liberated.

Once we finished packing our last box into the trailer decided to celebrate with a little drink and with a few games of pool. It was the first time in what seemed like days where we didn’t have a million things to do and we could actually relax. The second we sat in our booth we both looked at each other with a sigh of relief and gratitude.

We ate together and laughed together and eventually decided to play pool so my wife could once again prove she was, in her words: “Waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than me.” After a few embarrassing games of defeat on my end, we decided to take a final tour of Reno and a trip down memory lane.

As we drove from one nostalgic location to another, I remember thinking to myself that I would give up everything I had in our moving trailer for this amazing moment I was having with the person I care for the most in this world.

Something as simple as sipping an ice cold beer and watching my beautiful wife make a mockery of my pool skills was all I needed in that moment. I was completely present and I can tell you that last night will be what will be burned into my memory of our move to Canada.

Not the packing, not the hassles, not the stress or the spending of thousands of dollars.


Without a doubt, what I will remember most about the last 3 months are the little things. Like sitting in our empty house with my wife after packing it up and taking in that moment. Like spending a week in Vancouver and seeing my wife’s face when we found out we got the apartment we loved and her getting her dream job on the last day before having to fly back to Reno.

Nothing and no one can take away the moments in our lives, but they sure as hell can take the things we “own.” With a little bit of mindfulness and knowing that you can tune into the moment anytime you want, I promise you will make lasting memories.

Because let’s face it, you can’t put a price on being in the moment and making magical memories.

So the next time you’re in the midst of chaos, take a second to pause and be grateful for the moments you have in life. Kick your feet up and relax with someone you love and don’t take your “things” too seriously. Life is made up of a million different little delicious moments. We need only to pause and notice them in order to treasure them!

Thank you as always fore reading our blog this week! I apologize for the slight delay in posting but better late than never as they say :)

Until next time,

Many many blessings

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