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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

As many of you guys know, last week my wife and I went on vacation to beautiful Vancouver British Columbia (Canada). We had an absolute blast and got to experience a huge slice of this diverse city during our 6-day trip. It was so nice to spend time with my wife away from the stresses of “real-life” and to be in a new place and experience a unique culture.

During our last night in VC (that’s how the cool kids say Vancouver), my wife and I had a great conversation while enjoying a wonderful dinner at the Five Sails Restaurant that overlooks the entire city and bay. The food was incredible, and the ambiance was perfect, but I think the best part of the night was the candid and incredibly useful advice my wife gave me while we drank, ate, and enjoyed ourselves.

Since day one of writing, my wife has been gracious enough to proof read my blogs so I don’t sound like a complete ass when I post each week. Some of you might even remember a couple months back when I talked about how my wife doesn’t have a meditation practice of her own and it’s my belief that we have no right to project our ideas on any matter (no matter how beneficial it might be) if someone isn’t ready to make a change.

After reading 30+ blogs by now, there’s no doubt my wife has at least picked up one or two useful ideas about meditation and my practice. As my wife explained it to me, “I know it’s good for me and I’ve seen it work magic for you, but I still haven’t been able to bring myself to practice regularly.”

In reality, my wife made me see that she is exactly who I’m writing these blogs for: The person on the fence; (The “fencers” as I like to call them), the person who has heard about the benefits of meditation but hasn’t reached a tipping point; the person who wants to start a practice but feels scared or intimidated by the thought of sitting in silence and listening to their mind.

In fact, to some degree, I’m writing these blogs for myself as well, because I used to be the person sitting on the fence. I read books on meditation, I knew how it worked in theory, but I never got the courage to actually practice. It wasn’t until I had a mild melt down at work and experienced a panic attack in front of my superiors that I decided I would give meditation a try.

What my wife made me realize was my “why” for writing these blogs.

Keeping this commitment to the “fencers” in mind, I’m thrilled to offer you a chance to win 3 FREE 30-minute coaching sessions that will be designed to help individuals start a meditation practice. All you need to do is email me personally at

I used to think that my “why” was simply putting helpful information out into the world. Now, after a few months of writing under my belt, I’ve realized that I’ve been trying to help people like myself for the past two years, and my wife all along, too. The “fencers” so to speak, need a little nudge in the right direction to encourage and inspire them to open a door that will forever change their lives for the better.

I left dinner that night full of energy and renewed excitement for the future of mindfulness in this world.

With my purpose refined and therefore strengthened, I look to the future with excitement and anticipation to start helping as many people as I can. I’m truly grateful for my wife who helped me see my purpose more clearly and I vow from this day forward to, “remember the fencers” when I write.

Thank you as always for reading and taking time to be mindful throughout your busy day. I appreciate each and every one of you for reading and I’m continually amazed when I hear something I’ve written has helped people in their lives.

Until next time,

Many, many blessings

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