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Our Aging Community

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Healing Stones

Many years ago when I began daydreaming about Awake & Aging I had lunch with a student. We spoke about how our younger aging society will not settle for "senior centers" or "nursing homes" as they age. I remember we played with the idea of what a space would look like for aging beings. Of course they would want a cafe, juice bar, a learning area, yoga/meditation space, and a place to gather and possibly a dating area.

Later on that day, a person (64 years old) who donated to another program I worked at encouraged me to teach, write a book, create a business on how to age successfully. She stated that she did not want to end up like her parents, full of aches and pains and no sex life. She also said she most definately did not want to wither away in a nursing home. "Leigh, can you teach people how to age with grace and dignity?"

As I look back on my journey, I see how so many people and events played such a large part into shaping my thinging for my business. There are many times people contact me because they do not understand the concept behing Awake & Aging. To be honest, it changes on a daily basis. People come to me with new ideas that they would like to offer the community, new classes, lectures, products. It is very exciting to be in the driver's seat of this adventure.

Girl Power

Awake & Aging has become a space where you can learn to let go of the bullshit you feed your mind every day and learn to live a certain way on purpose. Not the life society tells you we need to live. We practice living in the present moment and letting go of expectations. Awake is a space where we learn new tools to live a new life life on a spiritual path of healing old wounds. It's a space where you can talk openly about issues regarding sexuality and things that do not work. I mentor and spiritually guide people on all of their relationships. Awake is a place of non-judgement.

Each month a topic is chosen or people in the community suggest a topic and we hold classes on that subject. During April 2015 every Wednesday we held classes on forgiveness. Forgiveness of Self, partners, parents. There were some real break throughs for people that changed their life. There needs to be more places like Awake where people can go and attend with no judgement but where people hold space for you. We gather together to learn new ways of living, while letting go of things that are not working.

Younger people are very interested in natural healing. I offer energy work and sound healing. There is a healing room in the building and it is each client/students favorite area of the building. True magic happens there.

The intention for Awake was to teach society about the aging population. For years I felt like I was running into a brick wall. What transpired was a business that is for every person on the planet. We have had babies, younger children, teens, young adults, middle age and what they call old-old in Gerontology. Each and every person benefits from being spiritually guided and awakened.

When the person is ready to change their life (Mantra of my business - creating life changing moments) they will make every effort to visit Awake and Aging and start removing blocks from their path so they are free to travel peacefully on their journey.

If you are not local, I do offer online sessions that are just a amazing.

Abundant Blessings to all of you.



The journey ahead is all clear now.

Desert Road

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