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Speak Truth To Me

Today I held space for a healing session with a client who had ovarian cancer. Her numbers are elevated so we are working on sending positive energy and healing to her whole being. As she spoke, each thought was expectations for herself and others. She soon admitted that she felt she was the cause for raising her cancer number. This was her post after our session via Facebook:

Hi Everyone! I realized today that I haven't updated you on my status since my 3 month cancer check up. I went for the 6 month check last week. Nothing to be alarmed about, but my number was elevated. We will be doing some blood work & a contrast CT scan in the next couple of weeks. I am fine & expecting the best as always...Positive is my middle name! However, I decided I need to get some outside help with this, so I have asked a few of you for your prayers & I went to see... Leigh Hurst at Awake & Aging today for a session of Healing & Energy work.

Some of you may know that I have been seeing Leigh for a couple of months now, she is AMAZING!!!

Today, I was a bit frazzled, frustrated, basically not a very happy camper, she knew as I walked in the door, that things were not my usual...We talked for quite some time, discussing things that were going on & how I was letting it affect me. After talking, listening, reacting & thinking...we came to the conclusion that I really was over-reacting to my situation & the expectations I was putting out in the universe, to those around me. Not a good thing for me to be doing...makes me crazy & feelings end up getting hurt or worse...Basically she finally told me, that I was an ASSHOLE!

You know what??? She was so Completely Honest & Brave to tell me to my face. I so appreciate her truth !!! She didn't say it to hurt my feelings, she said it to wake me up!!! I so value the truth & the love she shows me in telling it to me & I was acting like an ASSHOLE.

Then it was time to go & get ready for the real work to begin! Yay...I so love this part, the experience is like no other. I can't share everything, but Leigh gives everything she has, the sounds, vibrations, smells, breathing, relaxing, her full energy & emotions. I can feel the energy in my body change, the light, the feeling or non-feeling in my feet changes. I can actually feel the chakras begin to center, respond...whatever they do, she makes them work in my body for my full well being.

We are going to keep working on this making those cells get right, bad ones leave, good ones take over & this Healing & Energy work will win out in the end! My Number is elevated...we are going to work on getting it down again & with my Medical Doctors & Team this will be just a bump in the road!

— feeling Positive with Leigh Hurst at Awake & Aging.

If we do not have someone to point out to us when we are being disrespectful to ourselves and others, lessons will keep presenting themselves to us. It is up to us to stay in the present moment and accept people where they are. Having expectations for people only sets us up for disappointment and arguments.

"The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be."

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