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Self Awareness -vs- Self Appearance

Pink Lipstick

Every week I observe human behavior. It may be through my clients, friends, or just watching people in general. As Friday approaches I witness women getting their nails done, waxing, eyelashes, hair done in hopes to meet the right man for the weekend and hoping to make him her partner. They also "feel" better by their appearance. My question is how long does that feeling last? Is it possible to work on Self first so that we may become connected and grounded. Recognizing the same viscous patterns we keep repeating and allowing ourselves to go through is not the answer for growth along on our journey.

Men have their own rituals they go through with primping and hoping to have enough money to spend on a woman over the weekend. However, many men already have money that goes to alimony, past bills (from previous relationships) and child support for ex wives.

My question is when will people become aware to see that you are only "fixing" the outside. What matters is healing your spirit from the inside. Always working on the outside will not give you the complete satisfaction you are seeking. How has it worked out for you thus far?

If people came to me and made appointments to heal themselves as much as they make appointments for making their outside look good I would have no appointments available. However, it takes the human spirit to be broken down and the human to surrender and say I have had enough of suffering. I am ready to change my life.

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