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Honoring The Splendid Unseen

It’s that time of year when Netflix is pumping out scary movies, creepy series, and terrifying documentaries. Our senses are filled with content about the unseen evil forces' hell bent on destroying us. But…. what if we turn our attention to all the unseen forces in the universe heaven sent to connect us with our higher selves, with each other, and put us on the path for our life #purpose ?

My first session with Leigh was just about this time of year exactly one year ago. I was scared. I was becoming aware of things that I had tried to block out for many years.

I was doing my practices, focused on meditation, opening up my third eye, and as a result, I was becoming more sensitive to all the things beyond our senses. I needed some help sorting out the signs on my spiritual path. On my drive to Purposeful Living,

I knew I was heading in the right direction. I had the “knowing”. Some religions call it the holy spirit or the holy ghost. Some say intuition. I like to believe it is my higher self, that part of me that is beyond analysis or comprehension, that thing that illuminates everything with the divine spark of consciousness. She was talking to me and I knew. Leigh said she knew too, she was preparing for our meeting all day and called me a “powerful human.” I felt far from that when I walked in, but by the time I left I learned about my spirit team, and from that moment on, the universe has not stopped talking to me, sending me messages, signs, synchronicities, opening pathways, illuminating truths, setting things on fire that no longer serve my highest good. It’s so incredible how all you have to do is tune in, connect, turn your attention inward instead of outward and It is right there for you. You become to see yourself truly as even more incredible than a powerful human, but a spiritual being with a human form at this moment.

Most of my messages come in dreams. I have a dream journal next to my bed, and every morning as soon as I wake up, I write my dreams down. Usually as I am writing, the interpretation comes through, and I can just as easily write down their meaning as

I can the nonsense in the dream world. I have had very clear numbers that have come thrown themselves at me. Once it was 63 over and over again. I must not have been paying attention, because finally the spirit team had enough of my ignorance and I walked out to my car one morning to find a pair of die, yep, a 6 and a 3 right there on the hood of my car. Dragonflies have been really following me around lately. I looked up the meaning for those, they are your ancestors coming to visit you, and a sign that you are on the right path. In session with Leigh, I had a ray of sunlight working to reach me, and finally when I was under it felt flooded with healing and love. I meditate in the early morning hours, before sunrise, before the busyness of the day. It’s the most peaceful time of day, and the time of day that you can best connect with your higher self, according to the #yogi sages. Messages come through so easily during and after meditation. With a calm mind, the heart can speak. The list goes on and on, truly, an abundant list of blessings and messages over this last year. To think, all the things that I was asleep to before, all the messages I missed. I laugh actually as I wonder how much easier my life would have been.

Certainly, the haunted houses are fun. I love the ghosts and goblins, and kids in costume, and me in costume if I’m being honest. And this Halloween season I have gratitude and love and appreciation for all the things that are beyond our senses. The things of faith and intuition and knowing. The space where creativity and transformation reside in each of us. This season I am celebrating with my spirit team, knowing they have my back and are truly working behind the scenes for my highest good.

Written By: Tara Merrill - Intern for Purposeful Living

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