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Energy Cord Cutting

Is there such a thing as carrying or connecting to someone energetically? Well, when you believe that everything is energy, there is a huge possibility that being in relationship with someone, you can very easily connect to them physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

It can even go as far as feeling when something is wrong with the other person. Possibly carrying their negative or positive energy. Feeling when that person is thinking of you. What about energy someone carries from their past relationships or traumas?

When we do not clear the energy after ending a relationship with someone we may still "feel" them and it becomes harder to move forward. There are many different things we can do to remove the other person's energy.

One is start by removing anything that belonged to the person out of your home. This physically takes their energy out of your space. This can also be looked at as clearing the clutter physically, energetically, and emotionally.

Two. Stop speaking their name. It only sends out the energy that you are still thinking of them. Sometimes they can "feel" or sense that energy and reach out to you or even start stalking you.

Three. Use palo santo, sage, braided sweet grass, black salt, herbs or different types of smoke to remove their energy from your home, bed, car, and anywhere else their energy may still be lingering.

Four. Find a shaman, energy worker, or healer that can remove the other person's energy off of your system.

Recently one of my client's came to see me to remove any energetic cords that were connected to her previous partner. As we moved through the work with cord cutting oil, commands, tachyon crystals, sound medicine, selenite, energy movement, parts of her feet and legs began to change color and in some cases shape!

Someone outside started playing Bob Marley loudly! The weather began doing very strange things. At one moment it was beaming sun, then in the next 2 minutes it was snowing sideways. In another moment rain was pounding on the roof. If my client needed any sort of sign of releasing this person, it was being provided all around her.

It was truly magical.

At times she mentioned her feet felt like were burning and tingling. Other times it began to look like her foot was bruising itself. What her root chakra was actually doing was releasing toxic energy that was not hers.

As we began to finish her session, the weather calmed and beamed sunlight toward my client on the table. I moved the table and my client into the beam of light. She automatically said how wonderful the energy felt on her system.

My client sent me a photo from her tub that night sharing with me that her feet looked totally back to normal. The next day she became physically sick with a sore throat. We talked how it might be allergies or from not speaking her truth.

The next day she said she felt stronger and walked her dog, and whenever that person came into her mind she did not speak his name. Instead, she said a mantra: "I call my energy back to me, I choose to receive cherishing love in my life." She is also changing the story she has been telling herself about not being in a relationship with him.

It's really about letting go of the other person's energy, calling your energy back to you and working on your worth. It may be time to turn this into a practice that contributes to the well-being of your whole self. If we choose to create a practice like this one, then letting go of a toxic person becomes easier.

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