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Commitment Ceremony

Did you know there is a beautiful full moon and lunar eclipse this weekend?

Justin and I will be sharing in a ceremony on a beach in Seaside, Oregon.

It is a special ceremony.

You see, both of us have never believed in the concept of marriage. It is a broken system. I spent just about 20 years of my life in an extremely toxic marriage while going to school and raising amazing humans.

During almost 13 years of being divorced I spent a total of 6.5 years on a #celibacy journey. A journey it definitely has been. I went through a phase of dating young men, men from my past reappearing, more toxic relationships, and multiple relationships.

Every month I would create a list under the new moon for over 3 years requesting what I was calling in for a partner. Every single day I looked at this list and said "this human does not exist." I teach #manifesting and intentional language and by saying this I am creating a space for this person not to exist!

I finally decided to do some work on myself around money and men. This was led by my biz partner Christopher Blackwell over a 4 week period We worked on letting go of toxic male energy and forms of lack around money.

Justin has never gotten married. Total #mindfulness

Our relationship began in July 2020 during the pandemic. It took a lot of work to come together in alignment because it was “dating in our 40s”.

We quickly learned that everything we ever wanted in a partner was in our relationship.

Then a trauma rocked our relationship. It took work, but we both committed whole heartedly to show up for each other everyday.

I told Justin I’m almost 50 and I’ve completed everything I’ve came to earth to do:

Raised 3 amazing humans

Completed higher levels of education

Bought a home (by myself)

Created a successful biz

Became friends with all my teenage idols

Moved across country

Received magical grandchildren

Plus so much more

I shared with Justin the one thing I have not accomplished is being in a healthy loving relationship.

Justin has been my greatest healer of all my trauma in my life. I have never shared or opened up to anyone like I do him. Actually until I met him I never realized my system was holding onto such massive amounts of trauma.

The only argument we have ever really have is about the trauma in our relationship.

My mom told me she has never seen two people more made for each other. She also said to me last week:

“Leigh Anne, I never imagined that you would find someone. I always assumed you would be alone because you are so different than everyone else”. Thanks Mom

This weekend Justin and I are creating a commitment ceremony under the full moon in Seaside, Oregon. We have little rings from Etsy that are hand made. Justin’s is made from a whiskey barrel with trees carved/etched on it that reminds us of where he is from (Seattle). My ring has a crystal on it that helps with spine pain and my moon time pain.

We have a company called Self Ceremony who has loved us since the beginning of our relationship and gifted us a box of amazing products for our altar that we are creating.

Thank you Morf Jewelry for all your help with Justin's ring. Thank you to Full Moon Jewelry for my magical ring!

It will be a very special ceremony. However unlike a wedding, it has an expiration date. We create a commitment and share intentional words on November 20, 2021. On November 20, 2022 we will have a check in for a renewal ceremony to see if we want to commit to another year. If so, our next ceremony will be on November 21, 2022.

I’m over the moon excited to share this with my friends, family, clients and following.

I tell Justin almost on a daily basis, I’ve prayed for you my whole life.

We are adding Justin and our love energy to my business. There is so much goodness we have to share with you. Please keep your eyes open for all the amazingness heading your way.

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