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Purposeful Living Healing Center at Spiritual Wellness Expo 2019

Volunteering at the Spiritual Wellness Expo in Reno this past weekend was a wonderful experience filled with love and light. Since timing of the universe is so sacred, I learned so much from the hours spent with Leigh Hurst, an Envisionary at Purposeful Living Healing Center at this event. She offered sound and energy healing to 75 attendees at the Spiritual Wellness Expo. I often caught myself in awe of the transformation and healing each attendee received in a short amount of time. The combination of sound from Tibetan Singing bowl, to Leigh’s voice of affirmations, I start to wonder how deep relaxation through sound can promote whole body well-being.

As a scientist, I never gave much thought on how sound can be a great mediator and support for healing until Leigh introduced it to me. Coming from a family line of musicians and artists, music has always had a place in my life, but never in a million years I anticipate that music will be re-introduced again through a new paradigm of healing.

For all of us living in this modern world, we are constantly bombarded with external forces and circumstances that makes us sick, tired, and less empowered human beings. A healthy body has a frequency of 62-72 MHz. When the body drops below this frequency, we begin to experience

dis-ease. There are many heart centered activities that allow us to shift our frequency back to normal state. One of the paradigm I share with my students is prioritizing deep relaxation. I shared openly in my book, A Journey of Riches: Liberate Your Struggle, how deep relaxation was vital in my journey to elevated, positive emotional and physical well-being after experiencing debilitating chronic illnesses due to burnout.

We live in the age of boundless connectivity including social media platforms, emails, text messages, and more. Disconnecting is a positive habit encouraged for our modern, busy lives. Developing robust relaxation techniques to disconnect is also necessary for health and vitality in this digital age. Finding time for relaxation gives everyone the freedom to release tension from everyday life stressors. It allows us to become better version of ourselves.

Relaxation also serves as a door of opportunity for individuals choosing to become purpose-driven, present being. Eckhart Tolle, author of the Power of Now, teaches this concept so marvelously. We are wired and programmed by natural selection and evolution to think about the future and anticipate danger, so much like our caveman ancestors. This innate wiring cost many individuals their emotional and physical well-being in modern society. In order to hack this innate wiring, new paradigms of living for modern life must be introduced.

I’m grateful for Leigh, and her offering of light and love through sound healing. It is the kind of healing that offers double return on investment. Guided sound healing takes you into deep relaxation frequency that promotes natural healing to the entire body. It will also bring you back to the present moment. Allowing yourself to experience present moment is a form of self-care.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert at living your best life aligning yourself with the present moment, I invite you to experience sound healing at Purposeful Living Healing Center. Give yourself the gift of pure awareness and the practice of allowing presence to govern your heart, mind, body and into your daily lives so that you can become the best version of you.

With love and gratitude,

Anastasia Gunawan

Anastasia Gunawan is the Founder of The Burnout Millennial. She is an author of the best-selling series A Journey of Riches. Having experienced debilitating chronic symptoms due to burnout, she is on a mission to educate millennials to prioritize health, mind and body.

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