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Earth-Centered Meditation

Happy Friday!

This week I am going to introduce some personal meditations of my own. The skillful means that we discover through our mindfulness and meditation practice enables us to find our own toolset to re-center. One technique that I have found particularly helpful in my own grounding work is acknowledging the presence of the earth. If anxiety is a frequent guest in your life, earth centering practices can be extremely nourishing.

I have formulated one of many personal meditations to help guide me toward inner stillness when the daily rhythms become chaotic. The wonderful part about defining our own meditations is it gives us the opportunity to tap into our own creativity. We can further inquire what works best for us and this questioning makes available even more resources for our wellbeing. Because at the end of the day, who knows you better than yourself?

This meditation was influence by my gratitude for the earth and recognizing earth elements that promote connection, stability and healing.

The earth holds space for us, it listens.

The earth is soft and gentle but also firm and supportive.

The earth reminds us of our foundations, it carries us with stability.

The earth is nurturing, it allows us to offer to it our doubts, sadness, anger and fears.

The earth enables us to surrender into what we’re feeling in any moment.

The earth is nonjudgmental, it doesn’t react, it accepts.

The earth is the place where we trust that all of our actions in the physical world are leading us closer to our life’s calling.

The earth is the place that provides a space to adapt when needed.

The earth is love and it reminds us of the love that surrounds us and is us.

Earth- I acknowledge you, thank you for being.

Earth- I feel you, thank you for holding me.

Earth- I appreciate your support, safety and stability. Please help me continue to find strength in establishing my own foundations.

Earth- I connect with you, I feel you connect with me. Please help me to remember that we are always in connection.

Earth- Thank you for offering me ground for healing, quiet and still reflection.

Earth- I accept your wisdom and sense your guiding presence. Please help me remember to pause so that I can listen and observe so that I can remain inspired.

As you can see, your personal meditation can be anything that resonates with you. Through self-study in understanding what you seek, you can develop these tools as reminders. Even better, if we’ve found a supportive means that works well for us, we may also be intrigued to share our meditations with others. Have a wonderful Friday!

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