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Ryze Coffee

For me coffee was never part of my life. I first really introduced it into my system

when I was 48 years old. It didn't really do anything for me.


While visiting my son in Knoxville TN. in 2022, I had a virtual class so I ordered an Uber went out in the cold rain and took myself to the cutest little coffee shop to get something warm to drink and listen to my class. 

I ordered the mushroom latte with oat milk and was in complete heaven. I loved the creaminess of it, how it made me feel on the inside and how very clear my thinking was.

I consider mushroom coffee to be my medicine for the day.

It has functional mushrooms and MCT in it that delivers calm energy that promotes focus, productivity, adrenal health, and overall happiness!


Mushrooms included:

Cordyceps for stamina

Lion's Mane for focus

Reishi for stress relief

Shiitake for immune support

Turkey Tail for healthy digestion

King Trumpet for anti inflammation

In 2023 I was introduced to Ryze coffee and loved it right away. It gives me all those same feels and I can drink it at home on my office days. I decided to become an affiliate and sell this to my following because I am also an influencer in this world and believe people need to be led to conscious thinking and products.

Vegan & Functional Mushrooms

Try the new Mushroom Hot Cocoa! It has quickly become our evening favorite!

By ordering from my page and using my discount you will receive 15% off your first order!

Mushroom Coffee

Consider this drink as good medicine to help you move through your day. It has so many amazing mushrooms in it that help you connect to your highest self.

The coupon code is: LEIGHHURST

Mushroom Matcha

If you love matcha you are going to love this even more!

It provides all of those amazing medicines from mushrooms plus matcha. Matcha will provide natural energy, antioxidants and calm focus.

If the link takes you to the regular mushroom coffee page use the search button for matcha!



Mushroom Hot  Cocoa

This delicious warm drink has become our bedtime favorite.

It is 100% Vegan

Reishi - Stress Relief
Cacao - Improved Blood Flow
Chicory - Healthy Digestion
L-Theanine - Cognitive Function
Melatonin - Sleep Support
Glycine - Sleep Quality & Immune Support



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