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This is really a grand time we are living in. If you sit back and watch, you can witness who is practicing mindfulness and who is really living in fear. There is no greater virus than fear. After all, what is fear? False evidence appearing real or Face everything and rise. Where are you today in this state of widespread panic?

Over the past week with this #covid19 virus, people have really lost themselves in #fear and #anxiety . What has been surprising is some of the people who practice being a spiritual leader showing anger and anxiety. If we are living our truth, we are helping people in this time of panic, not contributing to their fear and anxiety.

As I type this blog a radio plays in the background. There is a commercial talking about emergency disaster and creating an emergency disaster fund. During this time we are living in, everything is guiding us by fear. It can be from conversations we find ourselves in, to commercials on the radio, to what we are watching on television, to our news feed on our social media. It also comes from the chaos of shopping and our social lives being cancelled.

Imagine living your life in a state of consciousness. What would that look and feel like? You would realize that everything is as it's suppose to be. You would not have high anxiety and feel the need to hoard supplies. You would be living in a state of being present and observing what is going on all around you without fear or judgement. Instead, we are living by other peoples fear.

Most people are always living in a state of scarcity and survival mode. We are a society that lives beyond our means and being led by corporations. Imagine what it looks like learning to be in a state of peace and calm and not always waiting for the next terrifying thing to happen?

Welcome to living in the new earth. It is happening right before our eyes. Consciousness is forcing the humans on this planet to wake up or leave this planet. If we are not connected by consciousness, or a higher level of living we suffer.

By purchasing more stuff or living in fear it only causes us to live a life full of stress and anxiety. Then we need medicine to cover up the symptoms that we are not dealing with.

There are ways we can rise above this pandemonium. We can learn to use our own intuition to do what is right for our self. If that little vo your head tells you to turn off the television and move away from the drama do so. If that little voice inside your head tells you it’s okay to attend yoga class then do so. Just

These are a few steps you can take to begin living in a more conscious lifestyle or intentional lifestyle.

  • Become aware of what you are putting into your body. What type of foods are you consuming? Learning to eat high vibrational food will make you feel better all around.

  • Who do you spend your time talking to? Are they for your highest and best good? Does this person live from a place of fear and drama?

  • Learn to become aware of your surroundings. What sounds are you taking in? Turn off the television or the programs that are only promoting fear.

  • Begin a meditation or sound healing practice.

  • Practice intentional language And intentional living. This means as you speak so it shall be. So if you are always talking about fear you will always be living in fear. If you are always talking about being sick then you will always be sick.

During this time Purposeful Living will begin offering special online gatherings to create social connection rather than social distancing. We are also finishing up our online subscription program that will help you to create a more mindful lifestyle.

We have an online forum on our website now. Please feel free to go and chat in there!

If you are afraid to come to the building we offer phone calls and online sessions. These are great also if you do not live in Reno.

Please book an appointment here:

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein

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