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Harvest Moon

This September holds the Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox and a full moon which rises shortly after sunset keeping the light going and making for a great time for farmers to harvest a little longer under the moonlight.

This could be a great time to illuminate all that you have to harvest, the fruits of your labor, your gifts and talents and the many blessings you've received. A time to reflect on the time when seeds were planted and acknowledge all your efforts and patience that made them grow.

You may have had worries or doubts in those early days, impatience those days when it

seemed like nothing was happening, or fear when it looked like things may die out but now you can look back at all of that turmoil and persistence and celebrate yourself for making it through.

You may have worked to be more authentic and it's showing up in more meaningful connections or made some efforts to improve your health and are now feeling better and stronger. Learning a new skill or putting yourself out there are also things that deserve this moon’s spotlight. Maybe you've been learning to accept and love yourself exactly as you are and that is very strong work indeed.

Just as the day you plant a seed is not the day you eat the fruit, the harvest isn't the time to sit around, it's not a rest period at all. It's actually a time to seek out those accomplishments and treasures. To meticulously comb through the weeds and vines for all those jewels and collect them all together.

Too often we don't acknowledge these things within us and focus on our bad qualities or past mistakes and failures. Or we criticize ourselves for not being as far along as we want to be. We compare ourselves to others.

This Harvest Moon light up your accomplishments instead, no matter how small they may seem. You could list them as a page in your journal, create a visual display like a collage or mandala and honor your harvest. Then celebrate yourself, and look back at this harvest anytime you need a reminder that you are in fact, Divine.

At the time of this writing, I am waiting to give birth to my first born, right around the Harvest Moon in fact. Now there’s a seed that was planted long ago. Not just the physical seed that’s been growing for nine months, but the idea of being a mother likely started somewhere in my childhood. And that idea lay dormant for a very long time, and almost died out when fear and doubt almost choked it out. But, at 39 years old, I’m happy to say that dream was only dormant and it’s about to be realized!

Let this harvest also remind you that when it seems like nothing is happening, something may be happening below the surface. Some dreams take many seasons to grow and some go dormant waiting for the right conditions. So for the things that are still growing, don’t lose hope they may be basking in the moonlight sometime in the future.

Blogger: Kristine Pangilinan

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Beautiful post! And a warm welcome to the journey of motherhood! My most fulfilling, yet, most difficult journey of my life so far! I am grateful for every moment and every lesson it has given me so far!

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