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Connecting to your purpose

When this business began way back in 2012 I thought with all of my education in Gerontology and me being the "aging guru" I could help people age consciously. After failing and suffering for many years a few friends encouraged me to rebrand the business. This took some time. I really wanted to see people connect with more of their truth and create better lives for themselves while building a mindful community. This didn't seem too much to ask for.

Fast forward to the current day and business is truly booming. How did this happen, why the shift? Well, teaching and creating mindfulness in the community has me practicing more mindfulness in my own life. I recognize I am being guided by a higher power to help people create more mindfulness in their lives.

As I was looking at our website last week I noticed it had my name on the front page with everything "I offer" and I saw my ego all over that website. I instantly felt a shift knowing that all the people whether it is students, visitors, clients, or volunteers make the difference in that building. I immediately took my name off that front page and changed it to "our".

One obvious reason is Purposeful Living is not "my business". Yes I pay the bills and such but it is truly a community effort. People come to our healing center to heal and get in touch with their true purpose. When this shift happens for them they find themselves wanting to contribute in some way. It could be inviting a friend to one of our classes, cleaning the building, telling others about our cbd products, connecting with something they are passionate about and joining our volunteer team. While on our volunteer team they tap into their passion which is all across the board from teaching about veganism, meditation, blogging, law of attraction, photography, marketing, social media, organizing, sound healing, the list grows more and more each week.

We offer more affordable classes and workshops, we have more teachers volunteering and inviting people they feel may benefit from the teaching. There are 10 people focused on the same intention of building a more mindful community while living a certain way on purpose. We only provide classes and workshops that are asked for by the community instead of posing what we feel the community may like.

All of us can go to "work" each day, however are you truly using your gifts? One way to make life a little easier is starting your day asking divine energy "how may I be of service today? Use me as your tool to serve others." When you lack purpose in your life it bring chaos, depression, and anxiety to your life. We were created as humans to live in love, to be love, to create more love. Somewhere along the way society has taught us to turn into a fear based, unkind, and selfish society. People have had enough of this way of living and are now seeking alternative ways of living.

We are a group of people building an intentional community, which means choosing to live a certain way on purpose. New ways of living, new ways of loving.

How may we be of service to you?

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