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When to fire your clients

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

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When you are an entrepreneur you are approached with many different ideas and obstacles. One of the challenges could be with your clients. As a small business owner sometimes we need the money so badly we put up with people's bullshit. However, what happens when we live like we don't need the money and we don't take on clients who might take advantage of us? What happens when we use our intuition and do what is for our highest good? It changes the energy around us and allows new clients to come in that really want our services.

Recently I had a string of clients who would show up for classes or sessions without their payment. They would state; "oh I'll catch you next time" or "I'll pay you on Friday". Then I would have to bother with reminders of asking for payments. Most of them just blew it off and decided not to pay or come back. Creating a page on my website that they have to pay it up front if they want to schedule a session or participate in a class changed the dynamics of how to properly run a small business. Clients will call up and say; "put me on the schedule for such and such date". Teaching them it is not confirmed until the payment is received creates a positive action to put into practice for the success of your business. When I contact them a few days before they no longer want the session.

One other thing that being in business for yourself has taught me is stop giving clients so many breaks. We hear it all the time; "I really need a session or your service, but I can't afford it for one reason or another". So we lower our prices so they can afford the service. Then they share with you how they are buying this item, or taking a trip, or going out to dinner. Be strong and do not lower your prices even if they say they can not afford it.

A list from other business owners and some of their struggles of when to fire a client looks like this:

1. If they become sexually attached or fall in love with you.

2. Dishonesty, they have some underlying reasons why they are coming to you and tell you something different.

3. If their checks bounce repeatedly.

4. If they lash out in anger towards you.

5. If they are not doing the work.

6. You can never please them.

Remember to be mindful as you go about working with clients. They are visiting you and need your services. Try not to hold judgement or expectations on how they should behave. If you are in the healing arts for business, remind yourself that they are visiting you for a reason. A friend of mine shared with me that his mother is a Professor and gets angry with her students as she goes about grading their papers. My friend reminded his mother that if all her students were Einstein's she wouldn't have a job. Be present for your clients and lead by example.

Clients usually have good intentions if they are coming to see you for your craft. Unfortunately, if we are guiding them on their journey, they need to do the work to create a change on their path. If you keep guiding them and teaching them and they just do not seem to be getting it, then it may be time to fire your client. As the teacher or practicioner this can be a difficult decision. You really need to go within, get quiet, and feel if this match is the best for both of you. Do not overthink it, just feel into it. If your intuition tells you it's time to allow the person to find someone else to guide them you have to approach it from your heart knowing it's the best decision for you and the client.

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