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Tapping into Divine Feminine

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

When we tap into our consciousness, the divine feminine is one half that we tend to either embrace or ignore. Our consciousness can be divided into two parts; the male energy or, divine masculine and female energy, or divine feminine.

Although we are going to focus on the importance of our divine feminine, I will briefly touch on what divine masculine is for distinguishing purposes. The divine masculine energy holds the power of action. This energy does not conflict with divine feminine. Rather, it taps into the knowing power of divine feminine and uses intuition as guidance for action. It could be the act of taking soup to a sick neighbor. We all carry these necessary energies, how we embrace and offer them tells our story. Divine Feminine Responsibilities The divine feminine is what guides us through feelings of empathy, compassion and nurturing. When we allow our intuition to answer for us, this is our divine feminine. The divine feminine employs our gut instincts to take control instead of our analytical minds. It is important to note that the divine feminine is present, regardless of gender. In addition to the feelings we outwardly express, feelings of self-love, sense of community, sensuality, and energy of being are encompassed individually. Embracing these feelings allow for self-development. The divine feminine empowers us to build stronger relationships, both on a personal and professional level. Self-Growth and Being The divine feminine conveys a form of confidence from within. This energy is absorbed through love and trust. There are no feelings of doubt or desperation. The trust from the divine feminine removes the need to compete, and aligns with the sense of community. With the divine feminine we allow ourselves to feel; a sense of being. There are no threats to our being. This leads to greater authenticity in our decision making, and leaves no room for comparison. Through our divine feminine our inner voice feeds us with positivity, imagine that! In the world we live in today we tend to suppress this inner voice, as society feeds us with the way we “should” feel.  Embracing our power to sit back and observe, while giving love to others. This novel concept is rarely heard of because we have taken on this always-on-the-go mentality. Tapping into our divine feminine affirms our faith and allows us to take our chosen path. The path that our soul chooses, not society. Manifestation The divine feminine gives us permission to act less, which in turn allows for more to occur. Through this felt sense, we receive what we truly deserve. When an individual embraces the divine feminine this person becomes magnetic. The Universe provides support to the person that trusts, allows and gives through their being.  This all sounds magical, right? If only it were all that simple. We have become so conditioned to thrive off the divine masculine that when we seek the divine feminine doubt creeps in. To manifest through the workings of the divine feminine here are a couple things to remember:

  • Stop being busy. Counterproductive? You may have heard the term “busy being busy”. 

That is because of the time that we live in. If we aren’t busy, then we must not be completing tasks or achieving goals. Quite the contrary. If you aren’t sure what you want to achieve, then what are you actually working towards? Take time to align yourself with your goals, short term and long term. Take the necessary steps, though don’t mistake this for constantly being busy. In fact, when you are less busy you are more open to receiving - opportunities and purpose.

  • Refocus the resistance. Changes don’t take place in your comfort zone. This is where you have to let go of doubt and fear, and also embrace getting uncomfortable in order to follow your soul’s path.

To manifest your soul’s potential you must release your ego. We live in a divided time, spiritually speaking. As mentioned above, the divine feminine is the realm where we no longer feel threatened or competitive. You must surrender to the uncertainty to allow for your vision to be. This includes letting go of what you thought you needed in order to receive from the Universe. Accepting the Divine Feminine Manifesting takes work and effort, especially if it’s a practice that you are not used to. If you have been conditioned to perform primarily from the divine masculine, then tapping into the divine feminine will also take effort for it to become a natural process. Surrender your mind. In the decision making process your mind may create an internal battle between following your intuition and acting upon impulse. Meditate. Clear your mind and accept your intuition gifted to you through the divine feminine. The power of we. It’s not what you think. Our conditioning has led us to worry what others will think. Rather than letting other people influence your decision, seek the divine feminine. Consider how following your gut will impact you and how you can impact others in a positive manner. This is where you have the power to implement your nurturing potential. Photos courtesy of Pixabay. Lacy Catao

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