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Eclipse Shadows 3 steps for bringing eclipse energy in.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

There is much discussion over the eclipse happening on August 21, 2017. So much of my tribe is traveling to Oregon to see it. For myself I am using it as a time to plant new seeds for 2018.

At this time on our planet we need more than ever to drop into silence and prepare to listen instead of always speaking and repeating all the negative that is going on at the moment. We are so addicted to media that we do not understand how to shut off our minds and just listen.

I invite you during this solar eclipse to meditate and set an intention to let go of all the darkness in your life. This will include; negative people, ideas, and negative spaces to create more room to live in peace and light.

Here are 3 ways that may help you create more positive living during this time:

* Creating a simplistic lifestyle

Do you really need the latest I-phone? Stop buying things to make you happy. It is a mind trick that the media plays on you. Learn to live in simplicity. This week let go of 5 things that you have not used or needed in the last month.

* Set a clear intention for your day

Instead of being busy and overwhelmed set an intention before you begin your day. It could go something like this: I now set the intention to stay present and focused while letting go of the things I can not change. If you need it even a bit simpler: I now set the intention to find happiness throughout my day.

* Acceptance, Trust, and Meditation

Accept the things in your life that you can not change and that you have no control over. Trust that everything is working out in your favor. Meditate to stay clear and not be overwhelmed by life.

I am always available for sessions in person (Reno, NV) Facetime, text, phone, or Skype.

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