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What Is My Purpose?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

When I first began Awake & Aging five years ago it was to educate businesses about the aging population which were their clients. That idea did not work. Of course then it really focused on full body orgasms, sacred sexuality and healing. Yes, that has been very fascinating and part of my passion, yet still there has been something missing. I have guided and helped many people with mentoring, mindfulness, and energy work while empowering them.

During 2016 I have worked with a few business coaches and they have asked me repeatedly; "Leigh, when people sit with you, what is the common theme that they are there to see you for?" After giving this 2 days worth of thought it finally came to me. When asking people, what brought you to see me, the common response is; "I don't know what my purpose is." I had a long detailed discussion with my mentor about this. We took about a week to dissect it and get into some pretty heavy late night talks about purpose. Since then it has been introduced to me in many forms. New clients sitting in my shop asking me again what their purpose is in this life. Having Eckhart Tolle articles being presented to me on purpose. A walk with a friend listening to him talk about not really knowing what his purpose is at 57 years old. I feel "purpose" is all around me.

Usually ideas for business come and go. However, something very magical happened yesterday. I was getting out of bed and an email came across from Marianne Williamson about a live speaking engagement she was going to do that night. It was based in Los Angeles but would be available for free through the internet. I get so many invites to things and sign up for them and sometimes forget to attend or get busy with other things. My intuition was extremely strong and told me to sign up for this and be present for when Marianne spoke. It said she would be speaking for 2 hours! If you have ever listened to her she speaks very fast and if you are not familiar with new age ideas or A Course In Miracles it can be overwhelming. I related to everything she was saying but was feeling a bit overwhelmed. After an hour I decided to pause the video where I was and get some fresh air by taking my dog for a walk. When I came back of course I thought there were many other things I could be doing. Still something told me to keep listening.

As Marianne went on and I took notes feverishly I could feel myself

wanting to be done with this talk. She said we were going to do a lesson

from A Course In Miracles. Lesson # 257. The lesson was called "Finding

My Purpose!" I think I may have freaked out and yelled! There it was the

Universe, The Divine speaking right to me. I felt like I had been set up to

purposely to hear what Marianne was saying. I felt like it was my own

personal message.

During 2016 Awake & Aging will be focused on "purpose" learning my

purpose on this journey, as well as helping others in learning their


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