Welcome to Purposeful Living!

We are an intentional community.

We use intentional language, awareness of the foods we eat, the cleaning items we purchase, the relationships we have in our lives, and doing our best to live in the present moment. It is our intention to teach humans how to be their best selves.

We are going through a growth spurt at the moment and will be creating a page that will introduce our teachers in the future.


The Collaborative Program

Join us for our new subscription program!

During May, June and July we will be offering our subscription based program on a free trial membership. There is a theme for each month. During July all of our classes will be centered around the throat chakra and speaking your truth!

Just drop us a line to get on the list. You will receive a weekly email as a reminder of what classes we will be offering for free online that week. That email will also include our weekly music playlist as well as an intention or prayer for the week.

Click the link to send an email:



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