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What is a session like?

I receive many emails, phone calls, and text messages asking what is a session like? Well, a first time client comes in and fills out a one page piece of paperwork. Then we get comfortable and set an intention. There is nothing the client has to do except listen to my words and guidance. It is a time where we go through and relax the body. During this time I set the intention that we let go of feelings like anger, expectations, sadness, and any other things that are not for our highest good. I then welcome in things to help guide us like mindfulness, happiness, joyfulness and whatever else shows up during this time.


For the next 30-45 minutes you do an emotional purge. Speaking of things that hold you back, where you are stuck, relationships, addictions, illnesses, business, or possibly working on your purpose. Mainly the issue of why you are there.


Sometimes people I work with receive a guidance board. The main thing I keep hearing from you goes in the middle of the board and we work around that word with new ideas and solutions. I use a lot of Byron Katie's work and Eckhart Tolle, plus guidance from the Divine.


I then bring a pause to the session to see where you are at during this time. Sometimes the person wants to continue talking. Other times people want to do table work.


Table work consist of many different things. A few of the tools are tuning forks, singing bowls, crystals, guided meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki or energy work.


Most clients tell me this part of the session is better than a massage. One client calls it chiropractic for the soul!


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