* Absolutely stunning Orgone pendulum with a variety of different healing stones.

* ORIGIN OF STONES:Brazil, India, Madagascar

* SIZE: 2" (Inches)

* Can be Used: Divination, Energy Work, Reiki Meditation and Sacred Healing's

7 Chakra Stones on the Chain

Amethyst = Crown Chakra

Blue Aventurine = Third Eye Chakra

Tourquoise = Throat Chakra

Green Aventurine = Heart Chakra

Citrine = Solar Plexus Chakra

Red Carnelian = Sacral Chakra

Garnet = Root Chakra

Our Orgones contain an assortment of brazilian quartz crystals, along with natural gemstones, gold leaf, calcite, rose quartz, carnelian, garnet, peridot, moss agate, black tourmaline, iron pyrite, aventurine, metals include brass, stainless steel, and iron pyrite. This device helps to mitigate harmful EMF radiation created by cell phone towers, wif-fi, TV, and other devices.

Large Orgone Chakra Pendulum