Demanding A New Kind Of Design

Recently I had the privledge of attending the conference wisdom 2.0 - 2015. It is a conference where mindfulness, spirituality, meets technology. Soren Gordhamer is the creator of this amazing conference in which 2500 people attend. This was their 6th anniversary. He said when it started he had wrote a book and it failed. Then he thought, maybe it isn't suppose to be a book and the conference was born with 250 people in attendance that first year.

This was my second year attending. When you are trying to be a change in the world it sometimes gets lonely in your community because people are not practicing the same idea of mindfulness that you are. No judgement here, every one of us are on different levels. However, for me, I need to go and recharge with like minded people and wisdom 2.0 is just the place for this.

All weekend you attend classes, hikes, meditation, yoga, socials, lectures, it is so amazing. When you leave you feel so overwhelmed by all of that which you learned. You carry this gratitude with you for weeks and see where you can apply all of that of which you learned into your life.

You go to lectures with CEO's from Huffington Post, Google, Linked IN, Facebook, Twitter, musicians like Alanis Morrisette. You get to sit on lectures from people like Jon Kabitt Zinn, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie. To me this is my Burning Man!

One day I was privledged to sit in on a lecture by Tristan Harris from Google. Of course we can say that all the big name people were our favorite part of the conference, however it was Tristan that left a lasting impression on me.

Tristan's discussion was "Distracted? Let's Demand A New Kind Of Design". This was what I received from his talk.

We are so disengaged in life because we are so addicted to technology. We are constantly checking our phones to see if we have a new message on email, social media, text. Facebook uses a hardware innovation that is alot like gambling or slot machines. You are constantly pushing the button to see if you have won. The same mechanisim is in our "scrolling through our newsfeed". The bad thing with our phone compared to a slot machine? We never have to leave our phonoes like we do the casino. Our phone is always with us, creating that distraction, that addiction. Every social media site is competing with each other to keep people on their site, or keep them coming back.

The first thing Tristan taught us was to create boundaries when it comes to social media and our phones. He spoke of "the bottomless bowl of soup" experiement. Do people know when to stop eating? There is this bowl and you eat and eat. What you dont know is there is a mechanisim that keeps putting soup in the bowl. Do you know when you have had enough? Our technology is like a bottomless bowl of soup. When do we say we have had enough for the day?

What if there was a program built into your phone, where you get to decide:

  • How big of a bowl do you want?

  • How much time do you want to spend on email today?

  • Is there a certain amount of time you want to spend on a website?

We could take back our lives as humans! Instead of living with impulse, we could live with conscious choices. It could help how we relate to people. In my opinion it could be one more step to conscious living.

Tristan stated we get bulldozed from people wanting our attention all day long. When we get a text message or a instant msg from social media, it takes 23 minutes to resume our focus - interuption science.

However, what if your phone was programmed to let the person who is contacting you know you are not available at the moment. He had this design that popped up and said: Nancy is focused. All the messages that Nancy receives gets put on hold and she can continue staying focused on her life or on her project, instead of receiving mindless interuptions, we are setting the pattern for conscious interuptions.

Imagine a world that cares about you. We need to align social availability instead of bulldozing each other with messages.

As conscious consumers we need to DEMAND this is something we want. I ask that if this article interested you please take 14 minutes to watch Tristan's video and bring awareness to your phone/social media addiction.

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