Relationships All Around

Take a moment to think of all the relationships in your life. Are they all healthy or bring you happiness? Why do we stay in the relationships that are negative and bad for us? Is it possible we like the drama?

Let's look at some of the relationships we may have in our lives.

  • Parent - Child

  • Lovers

  • Spouses (ex spouses)

  • Grandparents

  • Friends

  • Pets

  • Grandchildren

  • Co-Workers

  • Siblings

  • Nieces/Nephews

  • Boyfriends/Girlfriends

  • Bosses

The list just continues.

In order to keep ourselves from the insanity of some of these relationships we need to conquer Self-love. That does not mean letting the ego step in and create negative within us. It means taking time for your self, practicing silence, meditation, aroma therapy, exercise, music, creativity flow, giving your mind a rest. Leaving all the drama outside.

In relationships, when someone is going through their story, recognize it IS their story. Do not feed it, do not try and help. Recognize they are going through something and just listen without always giving an opinion. If you just sit and listen (once) without giving feedback you are doing what some call (holding space) for that person.


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