New Direction

Running your own business is difficult. Trying to run a business to raise awareness on conscious aging is extremely difficult. No one is doing this so you have no examples to learn from.

I have had issues with web designers from the beginning. For the last year I have been paying $120.00 a month for a company to run my website and keep it in prison where I had no control over it. This website is made with love from myself. It is not perfect and it needs updating each and every day. However, it is so worth it. I am not a webdesigner so I am learning as I go.

I hope all of my clients and fans will enjoy and help me learn and grow with this new website.

My email is down for now until I learn how to link my to my new website. Please do not hesitate to email at my personal email or text me. 775-688-9837

Thank you for all the love and support that you have given to me over these last 3 years while building Awake & Aging!



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