Manifesting Miracles

Join us in creating more miracles in your life 

Have you ever wondered how certain people seem to have everything in their life they could ever ask for, or you think boy are they lucky?

They have learned how to manifest their desires to come into their life.

Make the commitment to yourself for

10 days to manifest all your dreams and desires into your life.

This program will be taught through a private facebook group.

This program will begin on July 22nd and run for 10 days.

There will be a one time payment of $150.00

(that works out to $15 a day) that can be made here:

* Daily Prompts

* One weekly video

* Teachings on manifesting, vibrational         frequencies, intentional language

* Releasing old traumas and belief patterns

* Sound Healing and attunement for the group

* A special teaching on connecting to your purpose

* Learning new ways to raise your energetic level to be a match for the energy you are drawing to you